Between Painter
and Sculptor
in Concrete Art

___ Wolfram Ullrich, born in Würzburg in 1961, is known on the art market above all for his brightly colored reliefs. There are several catalogs of them. What they do not present is the sheer diversity in his output. Wolfram Ullrich is not only someone who with his polyhedrons creates the astonishing illusion that works of art can make their way into the wall, and objects glide seemingly weightless through space. As impressive as these works may be – and thanks to them his oeuvre as a whole is quite unmistakable – the range of his output is far broader. In addition to the reliefs, it extends from drawings in their own right and to art in public spaces. Thus, not only paint and steel figure among his materials but likewise ink and paper. The latter in particular occupies a special place in his work process. First, paper is the basis of his drawings; second, it is indispensable to his reliefs. For example, he needs it to create paper models to test the spatial properties of his works. Moreover, thanks to paper stencils that mark the exact position of the holes to be drilled in order to hang the works on walls he is able to display his reliefs.


Text: Dr. Theres Rohde